I Drew A Line For You

Good evening. This will be quick but we must announce ze winner! Drum roll si vous plait…The winner is…

Yellow Coat #2!

By about 10 votes, and overall popular demand, I’m going with #2. This was my first inclination, but thanks very very much to those of you who voted and gave input. There will be more important decisions to come.

In celebration of #2′s inauguration into the Perfect Closet project, I blatantly stole this outfit idea off of Pinterest got dressed up and donned it for the occasion. Toby the Wonderdog gives his stamp of approval. What say the rest of you?

Title courtesy of Coldplay – “Yellow”

Now You Could Get With This, or You Could Get With That

Hola! Happy Monday!

So here is the part where I admit that I’m just a bit dismayed with my inability to get going on this project in a lively manner. It will happen, trust. I have lots of fun things in the works, features, giveaways. The gettin’ is just getting going. Believe.

However, I may have mentioned before, how much I want this project to be reader interactive and make this blog a living thing again. So this is also the part where I ask you to be active participants! I am by no means a comment whore, since I personally realize the impracticality of leaving comments on random blogs, to no avail. It seems pointless, I know. That said, I’m introducing a new feature for PHASE ONE of The Perfect Closet Project. And I’m asking for your help.

Welcome to the This or That portion of the blog. This is where I ask your input in deciding what items I should keep or ditch. In many cases, when weeding out extraneous items in one’s wardrobe, we discover that some of the items we own are so similar as to make one or the other unncessary. It’s an easy mistake to make. But to that end, it’s easily corrected and a great way to pare down the old closet. Time for a FACEOFF!

Let’s begin, shall we?

This or That: Yellow Coat Edition


Will this be more exciting if I write it like an epic Shakespearean saga? Gather round, ye! ‘Tis a tale of two fair yellow coats. Both alike in dignity, in fair Denver where we lay our scene. From ancient Candie’s thrift store find, break to new yellowness. Where civil outfitting make civil overcoating that much more difficult.

Okay forget it. I suck at iambic pentameter. Let’s just discuss pros and cons.

Yellow coat #1…

Coat #1 is a fun find, that I once acquired via thrift. It’s a sort of lightweight canvas material. Three quarter sleeves. Worn a handful of times on the previous Closet365 project.

PROS: Cute. Oversized buttons. Light. YELLOW. Flared peplum shape. Name brand.

CONS: Not really warm. Buttons awkwardly. Is missing one button on the right sleeve. Another button coming off on the front (and I rarely can be arsed to repair my items). Wrinkles badly with every wear and doesn’t wash easily to correct this.

Yellow Coat #2…

Coat #2 is a coat I once loved so much that I sold several other favored items to Plato’s closet, so that I might justify it’s purchase according to the Closet365 budget. I felt like a smack addict, the way I lusted after this coat. It is polished cotton bubble trench, with 3/4 peplum sleeves, sash and lining.

PROS: Cute. YELLOW. Nice buttons. Sash. Warm-ish. Can be dressed up or down easily. Washes and wears nicely. More outdoor-friendly than Coat #1.

CONS: Bubble shape does not always lay the way I would like it to and can look cupcakey. (Which is a pro or a con, depending on the day. And also my hair is icky in this picture. But I guess that isn’t the fault of the coat.

So now you get to help me decide. Will it be Coat 1 or 2? Which yellowness should hold a place in The Perfect Closet?

Poll is below. All you have to do is vote, but additional feedback in the comments will be taken into consideration. I will make a final decision and post it within the next 48 hours. Thank you!

Title courtesy of Traphik feat. T-Pain – “Everybody Else”

Talkin’ Bout Hey Boo, How You Do?


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Happy Wednesday!

Well now. I hope everyone is having a good week and also tolerating the slow-goings around here at Closet365. I started my new job yesterday and hope that things will settle into a better routine for life and blogging and all of the things, shortly. Thus far, there is no real rhyme or reason to the posting schedule. Much to my own irritation. We’ll get this though. We will, guys.

Until then, I have managed to put together the first straight up outfit post, to tide you over. Here is one of the dresses that made the first cut. I had fond memories of it from previous runs with it and today proved no different.

You will also have to forgive the fact that I’m repeating items you’ve already seen. I’m hoping that in my year sans blogging, my loyal readers will have forgotten. But in case you’re me and are OCD about these things, my apologies. I promise I own lots more new things that I’ll be showing you as we go along. But if the point of the project is to make the best of the current wardrobe, then I for one, am going to enjoy doing just that.

I like this outfit because I feel it’s rather indicative of where I’ve been with fashion lately and the style I’m moving towards cultivating. In the past, my outfits were very much about bells and whistles. Influenced by the demands of creating something new and different every single day. When the fact is, some of the best outfits are the simple ones. I have become hugely addicted to statement necklaces in the last year, and often, I feel like the best way to wear these pieces is against a more subdued backdrop.

Obviously, there is still some pattern mixing here. And a big ol’ belt. And big sunglasses. So you see? Some things never really change!

Other than that, I got nuthin’. How be ye, readership? What are your thoughts? What would you like to see here at Closet365? What are you reading? Tell me things!

Title courtesy of Heavy D & The Boyz – “Nuttin’ But Love”

Love And Life I Will Divide


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Good evening, loyal friends!

I specify loyal, because I realize I’m a jerk for posting a slew of big plans and then posting nothing for a week. It’s been a little crazy what with the whole change of jobs and moving in three weeks, in addition to a whole bunch of other stuff. I know. You read that right. I am indeed changing jobs. AGAIN. And moving. AGAIN. Trust me. I have had a couple of serious talks with myself about whether or not I’m just addicted to upheaval, but the the conclusion is no. This whole last year was always sort of intentionally transitory and it’s been a wonderful experience, but what I’m onto now, is all of what I hope will be a permanent nature.

But enough about that. Let’s talk project. Where are we at? Here is where we are at…

The giant pile you are beholding would be the results of the first big wardrobe purge. It was a real doozy, but by the grace of a entire pot of Tribute Blend and the Mad Men playlist on Spotify, I conquered the biggest hurdle of them all: Admitting That I Owned Too Many Things.

See, I knew that I had a lot of ridding to do. I’ve actually been on a bit of a decluttering kick since the beginning of the year. It was my overarching New Year’s resolution that I begin to rid my life of clutter, be it tangible or symbolic. I got off to a good start by simplifying my internet life and a few errant drawers. But then Mars went into retrograde and things got kinda fucked. But now that my ruling planet is direct once more, the project can get a move on. (I’m only sort of joking about this.)

So on today, my singular day of unemployment between said job change, I decided I would begin tackling the monumental task of paring down my wardrobe. I thought this would be easier than it actually was. I thought this because A) I never had that much space to begin with, and B) I’ve undergone a couple of closet cleanings prior to and since my last move.

C) Yeah…not so much.

As it turns out, I am a wicked good hoarder.

If anything, I am frightened of my own ability to conceal the absolute plethora of crap in my possession. There is some David Blaine/Mary Poppins/Creepy Shit going on in my closet, y’all. I’ve been hiding my momumental landfill of clothes from the world, my boyfriend, baby Jesus and most importantly… from myself.

So I conducted a physical inventory of all the clothing items I own.

First count:
* 45 pairs of shoes
* 80 layering tanks and tees
* 75 shirts
* 47 skirts (forty seven?!)
* 40 pairs of pants/shorts
* 12 coats
* 45 cardigans/sweaters
* 55 pieces of workout attire which also double as sleepwear.

And wait for it…


I’d laugh, if it didn’t kind of make me want to cry. Ladies and gentleman, we have a problem. Although I am opting not to count shoes, sleepwear, workout clothes or layering tees and tanks among my 100 wardrobe pieces. That still puts me…oh…199 pieces over budget. Obviously, this would not do.

The good new is that, as I worked, I also began sorting process. Some pieces were easy to part with, while others required more debate. And I am still nowhere near my goal of having 100 pieces as the basis of my wardrobe. However, at days end, the count looks more like:

* 40 pairs of shoes
* 40 layering tees and tanks
* 52 shirts
* 26 skirts
* 65 Dresses
* 28 pairs of pants/shorts
* 5 coats
* 35 cardigans/sweaters
* 40 pieces of sleep/gym clothes

Grand tally? 219. So another substantial parting will need to take place. I may need to reevaluate my priorities as far as this project is concerned. The rest of this month and all of May will be devoted to further decluttering. I intend to let you readers weigh in on some of the tough decisions. Additionally, we will talk about what to do with all of the old unwanted items, since that’s part of the process. And unfortunately, bonfires are illegal last I checked.

My main concern is my dresses, because I have a very hard time parting with The Collection. A side project of taking them all on parting outings, may be in the works. That or hypnosis. I’m not really sure.

Parting with clothes can be emotional. We all know the basics – if it’s torn, if it’s stained, if it doesn’t fit, if you haven’t worn it in five years…get rid of it. But sometimes it’s more complicated than that. What if you only wore it once, but you still remember how much fun you had that day, and you’re worried that you’ll never be able to recreate that moment that way again, without that exact cardigan?

I guess this is why decluttering can be so good for the soul. Memories are memories for a reason. You can’t make them happen twice. You just have to go out and make new ones. I reminded myself of that a lot today. I look forward to the simplification that this project brings, and the promise of bigger and better memories.

That. And also… I work at a clothing store. With a generous discount. There will always be more clothes. And that might be precisely the problem.

Title courtesy of Rihanna – “We Found Love”

To The Type of Ish That We On, We On…

Happy Sunday!

I swear eventually, I am going to hammer all of these out! I suppose the beauty of this new project is that I’m not adhering to such a strict posting schedule. Definitely more conducive to everyday whims. But on the other hand, I’d like to finish this outline for your behalf and then get it started! I’m very anxious to begin the actual project, especially since April is already halfway over. Eep! Okay, let’s do this.


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I Wish The Way That I Dressed Was Your Favorite Kind of Style

Good Saturday Morning, people!

First off, my apologies for the delay on this post. It should have been up yesterday, but I was thwarted by a long and exhausting day. I then spent my evening attending to such pressing matters as bathing the dog and finishing up my income tax return. Good stuff. But I do apologize for not getting this posted. Here it is!


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Them Hustlas Like My Fashion

Hello friends!

Are you so glad that I’m back and already struggling for unique greetings, with which to commence every post? Yeah. Me neither. Let’s distract ourselves. HEY LOOK UP TOP! I gots me a new banner! I am super excited about this, for several reasons: a) It signals a new era here at Closet365, while still paying homage to the original and b) It just looks totally neat. Thanks and love to my collaborator on this one. We done good.

I don’t know why I’m talking so backwoodsy today. Let’s just move on to the good stuff.


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DIY… Just Meet Me Up in Paradise

And we meet again! They say it takes three days (or is it three weeks?) to form a habit. Getting back into a blogging schedule is taking some getting used to. I’m also in the midst of some more life shake-up. I know. It’s a sickness of mine. But I expect things will calm down in a reasonable amount of time. Which brings us to our next chapter.


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