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Hello there!

How awkward is trying to write your first ever blog post? There is so much to say, except… not. But now I’m about to start outing myself at my favorite blogs via comments and I figured it was time to write a little something here.

With January fast approaching, I’m getting quite anxious to start the Closet365 Project. Anxious as in excited and anxious as in nervous. I’ve been a fashion blog spectator for so long. The prospect of actually attempting to join in is intimidating. I’ve spent many an hour preparing myself by reading, perusing, brainstorming, gathering inspiration. There are so many talented and fashionable bloggers out there. I have always loved clothes and putting together outfits, but suddenly I find myself worrying that I won’t be able to keep up. Three-hundred and sixty-five outfits? What if some of them are boring? What if I run out of clothes? What will the girls at school have to say about my shoes?

And shopping. There has been a lot of shopping. The specifics of the project are located here, so no point in repeating myself. But suffice to say I did not make any rules pertaining to my pre-January shopping habits. I am fast developing hoarding tendencies.

I organized my actual closet today. It was necessary to help streamline my existing wardrobe. I’m nearly finished with that project, so stay tuned for before/after pictures. All that’s really left to do is sit back and count down the days until I can begin my new fashion adventure. Twenty-eight to go, in case you were wondering.

So in the meantime, I wait. And shop. And wait. And shop some more.

Title courtesy of The Doors – “Hello (I Love You)”