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Finally! The closet post. Although, as you’ll soon observe, the closet behind Closet365 is rather anticlimactic.

Woe. Once upon a time, the husband and I lived in West Texas in a very large duplex, which while not aesthetically pleasing (think dark wood fixtures from the seventies) had one very remarkable feature: multiple walk-in closets. Multiple walk-in closets in the master bedroom. And in the other two bedrooms. And in the garage. It was glorious. Every day, I woke up and wondered if I had finally achieved my dream of being featured on MTV’s Cribs. Well, until I looked out the window to a view of a gas station and a McDonald’s. I digress. The closet component of our pad was amazing, and I took full advantage of it.

Cut to now. The husband and I live in Colorado, in a one bedroom apartment with one rather itty bitty walk-in. A dream closet it is not. For two years, I have struggled to make our collective wardrobes fit, with very little success. I have probably given about seven bags to Goodwill just this year. On a good day, the closet feels cramped. On a bad day, I think even HGTV couldn’t save us.

In any event, this project has made it imperative that I at least control the chaos. I have a lot of clothes to work with, and I’d like to be able to draw inspiration from my wardrobe as opposed to despair. Also, I wanted to be able to find things easily.

My organization spree was nothing major. Mostly, I just made it so that I can visualize my options more clearly. As someone who has spent a lot of time in retail, I am quite anal-retentive about organizing clothing. There are still a lot of things about my closet that bother me. It’s still crammed as all get out, and I’ve been threatening to banish my husband to the coat closet. I was particularly distressed when I couldn’t find my favored brand of wooden pant hangers. (I’m very Mommy Dearest about these things.) But it works. For now.

Here are the before/afters:

Retail-OCD demanded that I colorize all of my shirts.

However, I now think organizing them by type and style is more efficient.

I previously thought that putting pants and dresses on the lower tier would cause them to drag.

As it turns out, when you are 5’1”, this is not an issue.

The scarves and the costume jewelry are kind of a sickness. I previously had jewelry in five different places.

I am now down to (almost) three. Baby steps, you know?

Shoes. ‘Nuf said.

Hopefully, I will be able to maintain this level of decorum in my closet for the duration of the project. We shall see.

Twenty-one days until project launch!

Title courtesy of Lupe Fiasco – “Us Placers”