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Hello again! Still just sitting here counting the days until Project Launch. A mere 16 days to go.

I am trying to brainstorm ideas for an official launch, but have yet to decide on anything. Check back though! I really am planning something special to kick things off. In the meantime, I thought I would write up a little more about myself for anyone checking in. I’ll try to keep my raging case of narcissism at bay and limit it to ten random/pertinent facts:

1. My ringtone is “99 Problems” by Jay-Z

2. I am a native Coloradoan but I hate, hate, hate snow. And cold. And Ice. And wind. And cold wind. Basically, I am miserable in my surroundings five (sometimes nine) months out of the year. I have also lived on the East Coast briefly, and Texas for two years.

3. When I was a wee Mini Jenny, I had a clubhouse which I deemed my house of couture and I created my own line of dresses using old bed sheets and glitter wire. I called my line “Trashion Fashion.” And I lived to watch “Style with Elsa Klensch.” To be honest, I don’t think much has changed about me since then.

4. I am sort of an unapologetic gym rat/health nut. After many years being unhealthy and completely unhappy in this respect, fitness is now one of my greatest joys. I will however, try to keep the nerdery at bay in this blog, as gym talk has made me wildly unpopular on Facebook.

5. Music is a huge love of mine as well. I have pretty eclectic tastes. Really the only thing I won’t listen to is music where people scream (my husband’s love of Linkin Park is a huge point of contention for us). But I would have to say my top three loves are indie, jazz and crunk rap. Seriously.

6. I collect snow globes. It’s a seriously tacky habit but it started when I was too young to know any better. I have to buy snow globes to commemorate special vacation and places I’ve lived. For the most part, they are discreetly displayed or even packed away. Recently, I was quite devastated when my most-prized one of all (Austin) got broken. There was an incident in the middle of the night involving my husband and an underfoot kitty. Don’t ever break a snow globe, if you can avoid it. I am still trying to get glitter and little bats out of my carpet.

7. I consider myself a connoisseur of the following: frosting, four star hotels, grocery stores, pillows and fountain Diet Coke.

8. I have been a horribly, horribly socially awkward since birth. That’s why I love the internet so very much.

9. My greatest phobia is public singing.

10. My favorite movie is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Always and forever.

Title Courtesy of Junior Senior – “Can I Get Get Get”