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Four days left to go until the Closet365 project  begins!

Countdown dress3

My cat has already decided to make a cameo, which is a good omen, I think. All this dressing up is so boring without somewhere to go. But such is the story of my life.

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s plans but have yet to solidify anything. For the most part I am planning a quiet celebration. The kind I planned but didn’t get to execute in 2009. Last year, I had grand plans to stay in, but on New Year’s Eve I got terrible news and got dragged out to the bars. Ended up quite tanked on Manhattans and committed a laundry list of debuacheries enough to fill a Lady Gaga song. It was scandalous even by my standards and the year that ensued was equally chaotic and crappy. Live and learn. I am now a firm believer that how you spend New Year’s sets the Feng Shui for the rest of your year. Which is why this year I’ll probably be dressed to the nines, but doing nothing.

How about you guys? If you’d like an entry for the giveaway today, tell me how you plan to ring in 2010. I’d love to hear about it.

Title courtesy of Lady Gaga – “The Fame”