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Only three, (threeeeee) more days until Closet365 is scheduled for launch!

Countdown dress 4

I was so tired taking this picture this morning. I’m sure it shows. I was still so sleepy that I neglected my party prop du jour – the party hat. I’m sure you are so disappointed.

It has been an exhaustive season for me. The hours are not kind to the retail store manager at Christmas. Add to that holiday obligations and a move. My fatigue is starting to show. Still, the worst is nearly over and I am optimistic for what lies ahead. Hopefully 2010 holds bright bright things. And a nap. I could so do with a nap.

To enter the giveaway today, all you have to do is tell me what you’re looking forward to the most in the New Year. And then hang in there. We’re nearly finished with 2009.

Title courtesy of Counting Crows – “Long December”