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 The Closet365 launches tomorrow!

I saved my favorite dress for New Year’s Eve. There’s a lot of flap about Rodarte for Target lately, and with good reason because it’s super fun stuff. But before there was Rodarte, there was Mizrahi. I am probably dating myself, but I once very much loved mid-90s Isaac Mizrahi and his fierce headbands. I loved him after he got grabby hands with Scarlett Johansson’s and I love him for designing this dress. It was given to me as a Christmas gift two years ago and this is the first time I‘ve had an excuse to wear it. I couldn’t think of a better occasion than the eve of 2010 and the start of my yearlong adventure.


Resolutions. I don’t make them. Or rather I didn’t in the past, because I feel like a surefire way to jinx your best intentions is to declare them on New Year’s Eve. I’m not cynical or anything.

But obviously, this blog is a resolution of sorts and thus I’ve kind of broken my own rule. The promise of 2010 has me all kinds of inspired. So to be clear, while I am still NOT making any New Year’s Resolutions, I do have a few fashion-related aspirations for myself (and this blog) that I’ll share. It seems like a good way to set the pace for the year to come. As follows:

  • Take risks – in fashion, as in life, risks are occasionally worth taking. They may not always pay off, but at least I can say I tried. I’m not talking wearing Crocs or anything outrageous like that. Just go bolder and brighter.
  • Wear color – I love color, but I’m often the last person wearing it. My closet is predominately grey, black and blue. This needs to change. Black can still be my favorite color, I just don’t need to wear it every day.
  • Invest in quality pieces – this is something I really need help with. In the past, I’ve always been a quantity over quality kind of girl. Working in retail, getting discounted goods has made me notoriously cheap. And while a component of this project is sticking to a budget, it’s also about utilizing what I already have. Therefore I should be able to save my cash and splurge on some nice pieces. Maybe even the kind that don’t shrink and fade with every single wash!
  • STOP SAVING IT – Another major pitfall of mine is that I buy the loveliest things and then I hold out on wearing them because I’m waiting for the right occasion. (see also: today’s dress) Why wait? It is a proven fact that dressing cute significantly improves my day, so from now on, who needs an occasion? I make my own occasions.
  • Speaking of which, I will stop feeling silly about being overdressed. The sad fact of the matter is that I live in Colorado where people spend half of their life in a winter coat. The epitome of fashion in my town is a Kate Gosselin haircut and some North Face fleece. There are going to be many occasions where I’m going to stand out simply by accessorizing but damnit, I am going to stop apologizing for it. If I want to wear shiny things to the grocery store or heels to the campsite, no one is going to stop me.

So these are my un-resolutions. How about you? You have until midnight tonight to enter the giveaway by telling me your resolutions or your thoughts on them. I’m going out for sushi and then celebrating with pink cupcakes and San Pellegrino. I will draw and announce my winner when the ball drops. See you next year!

Title courtesy of Jay-Z – “Off That”