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Did anyone else get a kick out of writing today’s date? 01-01-10 is fun to write, no? Okay then.

Here is the first oufit picture. I hope it’s not terribly anticlimactic. Just remember, there are 364 more where that came from.


I’ll be completely honest. I pretty much loathe being photographed and how I look in photographs. I always have. I would make a great celebrity because I’m already quite adept at fending off the paparazzi. I have ruined many scrapbook-worthy moments for my mother by sticking out my tongue, glaring at or even flipping off the photog. That’s what makes the project that much more interesting. I am learning to cope with putting myself in front of the camera every day. And when that doesn’t work, you get pictures like this.


I am a little sad that the colors didn’t photograph well. Those are deep purple leggings but you can barely tell. These are also my new favorite boots, as I worked eight hours in them and they didn’t hurt my feet. Thanks boots! I was a little cranky about working New Year’s Day but I’m going to shrug it off, and take it as an omen of prosperity and/or job security. I hope everyone else enjoyed the first day of 2010. I actually pretty much did.

Title courtesy of The Bird and The Bee – “I Hate Camera”