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What a long day. I had my pictures ready to go before I even went to work today, but our main computer was throwing a tantrum fit for a toddler, while performing at the pace of an octogenarian. Eff computers, man.




Necklace up close

This is an old favorite outfit of mine. I’m actually kind of sad that I have to take it out of the rotation for a whole year, but I will find other ways to rework these items. That’s the fun of it.

My other conundrum is that I have to figure out what to do about tagging the various items. I know that it’s apropos  in a style blog to classify each item according to where it was purchased. The problem is that I buy the majority of my things at my place of employment and it would very quickly become very obvious where I work. Take yesterday, for example. It would have looked something like this:

Purple leggings – Work
Ivory flyaway cardigan – Work
Black basic tank – Work
Black long sleeve crew neck – Work
Fuschia Scarf – Work
Sunglasses – Work
Boots – Target


I considered just not mentioning that I work at a clothing store. But while I am a dutiful employee who would never talk specifics about my company or give out priveledged information, I would feel seriously stifled if I couldn’t pass on work-related anecdotes. Lost actually, if I couldn’t tell you about things like the woman who asked me the other day, “How come that rack over there says buy one, get one free, but all of these things have prices on them?” Or the fact that today, my hands still reek of aftershave after a couple of very little boys doused themselves in women’s perfume and then proceeded to wrangle the contents out of a men’s gift set and get aftershave, everywhere.

Half the fun of working in retail is telling stories from the trenches. Well, that and the nifty discount on clothing. So from now on, I will probably either tag items with as many specifics as I can give. Or in lieu of that, substitute “work” where needed. I’m also more than happy to answer emails, if you have your eye on something specific.

Today’s outfit, luckily, is a pretty mixed bag:

Turtleneck – I actually don’t remember, it’s old
Skirt – Charlotte Russe
Black Leggings – 5.7.9
Shoes – Target
Necklace – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of CAKE – “Open Book”