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A quick vent: My heart fell a little when I pulled up to the gym this morning. I knew it was going to be bad when I couldn’t even find parking in the rather large lot. It’s January 5th, the resolution rush is upon us. I’m wondering how long it’s going to last this year. They come in droves, they hog the equipment, they fill up the classes, neglect basic gym etiquette (wipe off your machine, please!) and a couple of weeks later they’re gone. This morning I thought I was going to have to throw elbows just to get in my cardio.
I don’t mean to be mean. Going to the gym and getting in shape is an amazing thing that everyone should experience. I just wish everyone wouldn’t decide to do so all at once. If anything, it’s discouraging for anyone to go to an overcrowded gym and have to fight for your space. No wonder so many people quit or give up after only a few short weeks. I started my gym journey one beautiful August before last and it worked out so well for me. Totally recommend picking an off-month to start working out. I know everyone has to start somewhere. But um, if your not going to finish, can I have my treadmill back?
Enough about that.



Today’s outfit makes me happy because I would usually consider this a spring dress. And yet, reading other style blogs has enlightened me to the fact that practically anything can be winterized. Hallelujah!
I’ll admit I felt a little silly going to a playground to take my own picture. I needed a change of scenery, so I hiked over to a small secluded park. Still, I couldn’t help but be paranoid the entire time. I kept thinking some small child would come bounding over the hill shouting “Hey old lady! Get off my monkey bars! You don’t know what you’re doing!”
We’ve all got our territories, after all.

Headband- Target
Sunglasses – Work
Long sleeve basic tee – Work
Dress- Work
Black chandelier earrings – Icing
Shoes – Ross
Capri Tights – Some dance studio where I took an ill-advised adult ballet class.

Title courtesy of Ludacris – “Move Bitch”