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How cute is this  Michael Bublé video? I’m not usually a fan, but the song has been on the new rotation at work so it gets stuck in my head. This lead to a conversation with one of my employees about why I don’t like the guy . It’s not that I dislike Michael Bublé, I just distrust him. There’s something about mediocre-looking dudes in their twenties singing old jazz standards. It smacks of ulterior motives, Josh Groban. I’m just saying.

But, I’ll admit the video is fun. Nothing that exciting ever happens to me at the grocery store, besides four for $1 grapefruit.



The song also reminds me of today’s photoshoot. I think my beginner’s luck finally ran out because I was having a terrible time. The freezing cold. The awful lighting. The woman who took her dog out and then proceeded to stare at me while I posed. The fact that my camera batteries died. Twice. The rest of my day progressed with similar luck but I am home now and tomorrow is my day off. So I will be content for now, with what I have to work with. 

This outfit is the result of a real life style chain. I was just at the coffee shop in the mall getting a refill when I saw a girl wearing an outift very similar to this one. I just liked the way it looked comfy yet pulled-together and I knew I had to recreate it. Trying to further assess the details, I stalked her the rest of the way down the corridor and into Rave, where I found this sweater. I don’t usually go into Rave for an amalgam of reasons, but in this case, it was kismet.

 Aviators – Work
White Oxford Shirt – can’t remember, it’s old
Striped Cardigan – Max Rave
Grey Leggings – Work
Boots – Work
Scarf – Gift
Bangle – Work

Title Courtesy of Michael Bublé – “Haven’t Met You Yet”