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A day off! And with the husband, no less! About a month ago when I wore this outfit he said, “I really like that outfit….HEY… this sucks because now when I like your outfits I’ll never see them again.” He has been a big support of the project, otherwise. He even got me my own closet to work out of.

Did I tell you we moved? Maybe in passing? We moved within our apartment complex, just to a bigger space. We now have a real office, a better view and yes, my very own walk-in. Today marks the last of the unpacking and organizing and settling in. We learned the hard way: never move during the holidays, especially if you work them.

So this is for you darling, if you’re reading. (He’s not reading.)





A girl I know recently confessed to me that she has an addiction to headbands. And I was like, headbands? Really? I told her I didn’t need another addiction, as I already have one to scarves. She was like, oh I know someone who’s trying to get addicted to scarves! And I was like, yeah don’t start. It’s awful. She then proceeded to tell me about the various dealers she buys her headbands from and I really should have ended the conversation right there. Because a few days later? I bought this one.

Headband – Target
Earrings – Claire’s
Basic brown long sleeve tee- Work
Tan crocheted tunic top – Vanity ($1.99!)
Leggings – Work
Boots – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of Beyoncé and Jay-Z – “’03 Bonnie and Clyde”