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I’ve spent the past few days in a state of perma-anxiety, but as of this morning my burden is lifted. I got my inventory results back and can officially breathe a huge sigh of relief. All is well in Jenny town, for the forseeable future.



I’m not really sure how I feel about this outfit. The skirt is one of the odder things I own and a little too big for me. But I had my reasons for choosing it today. Anticipating said inventory results, my superstitious tendencies flared up. The thing that drew me to this skirt in the first place when I thrifted it recently, was the print.

Bees, as superstition has it, are a symbol of good luck. My bee necklace is something I wear almost every day, even if it’s just tucked under my shirt. It’s proved a good talisman since I bought it, but today I needed more than my necklace. I needed the whole hive. Hence, skirt.

A mere hour after getting dressed, I got the good news via phone call. And, there you have it. I feel like a lucky lady today. Mission accomplished, bees.

Black Basic Tee – Work
Mustard Cardigan – Target
Swarovski Bee Necklace – Ebay
Bee skirt – Thrifted (Talbot’s)
Tights – Work
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Interpol – “Specialist”