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Oh what a week! What a month! What a whatever you want to call it! What a hexter? A junior high hexter feels appropriate in length for the whirlwind time period I’ve just wrapped up. The Holidays, The Move, The Blog Launch,The Inventory. That’s a lot of capital letters for a mere two months.

Friday, I worked a late closing shift, and shopped for my groceries at 10:30 at night. When I finally walked in the door, I sort of collapsed against it and thought sweet gentle Jesus, I am tired.

Luckily, the marathon is over and I feel like I can finally settle back into my real life. And then? I need a vacation. There is nothing too fancy on the horizon just yet. The husband and I are discussing potential getaways in the coming months. It needs to be warm. Nothing else has been decided. 

We are planning a day trip to Denver, week after next. That will tide me over in the interim. I get a little twitchy when I go too long away from the city. I live in a town of relative size but culture is non-existent here. Ditto decent shopping. I am tired of feeling underwhelmed. I need my city fix and I need it now.




I actually had tremendous fun with today’s outfit. The jacket is my newly thrifted goody. (I have had to work at my thrifting mojo, but I’m getting better at scoring usable pieces.) The dress I’ve had for nearly two years, but only wore it once to a summer wedding reception. Today as I messed around with it, I came up with a handful of other ideas. They’ll have to wait though. Did you ever see that episode of the Simpson’s with Marge and the Chanel suit? I think that episode is forever etched upon my fashion conscience.

Jacket – Thrifted (Express)
Dress – Max Rave
Necklaces – Wet Seal
Bracelet – 5.7.9
Tights – Target
Shoes – Thrifted

Title Courtesy of Rent – “Santa Fe”