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I just knew it was going to be an amazing day today. I slept a little more than I have been lately and woke up to the sun shining. Shining for real, and not in that faux Colorado way, where it looks sunny but you’re still going to freeze your face off. I got super excited and started debating all the possibilities for getting dressed. Ultimately, I decided on a fun skirt and polka dots. Optimistic. But not balls-to-the-wall IT’S SPRINGTIME apparel. Because that would just lead to disappointment two days (and about three months) later.

Good things are on the way though. The directives at work have been a lot of markdowns, rearranging and just general overhaul. Which can only mean one thing – if not spring proper, at least the spring clothes are coming. I’m excited. 2010 is shaping up to be pretty alright so far. This blog is keeping me uber busy but I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve had this much fun.

The other night I was unpacking office stuff and found some funny old photos. I used to do this thing. When I was about twelve or thirteenish, I would dress up in “outfits” and “pose” in front of my bedroom door. I would take “before” pictures of myself ratty-headed and wearing a wrinkly t-shirt. Then I’d dress up in various situational attire. A day at the beach! A night on the town! Long day at the office! Etc. I’d then take pictures of myself with a disposable camera until I ran out of outfits or poses, whichever came first. I had completely forgotten about this, until I found the pictures. And then I would scribble the mundane drama of my day in my Hello Kitty journal, complete with “Theme Songs” that I felt fit my mood.

Thirteen years later, so much has changed yet… so little. It feels good to be back in my element.

Shirt – Ross
Polka Dot Belt – Came off a sweater from Kohl’s
Skirt – 5.7.9
Tights – Target
Shoes – Payless
Polka Dot Earrings – Wet Seal
Sunglasses – Work

Title courtesy of Bright Eyes – “Road to Joy”