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Well hello! The blog sort of blew up yesteday stat-wise, which was exciting. Mostly thanks to the lovely Janetha, who gave me a shoutout. Thank you Janetha and hello to all of her friends who decided to stop by. I’m also an avid fitness blog lurker. Don’t let all the fancy getups fool you. I also spend a lot of my time ponytailed and rocking the Adidas. Drop me a line and I’ll come by your place. We can swap gossip over protein shakes.

Kickin’ it pretty casual today. I’m on my days off and I haven’t had two consecutive days off since before Thanksgiving. It feels like vacation! I visited the salon for some hairapy. I catch flack every. single. time. about the old dark box dye that’s growing out but won’t go away. I swear, I’m trying to make things right. This is my third trip for professional color and I’m still in trouble. Isn’t duotone hair penance enough? Oh I’m sorry, let me just jump in my time travel spaceship, go back and put the box down. Oy.

Did lunch and some windowshopping alongside a dear friend. Window shopping can be incredibly painful. I saw at least three things that wanted to come home with me, but I am saving my money for other upcoming adventures.

This is probably all two items I own in cream. It’s such a lovely color but hard to wear for numerous reasons. Since all the rest was casual I decided to overaccessorize. I love me some bangle bracelets. And necklaces. And scarves. Always the scarves.

Cardigan – Work
Boy tank – F21
Rouched tunic top – Work
Jeans – Work
Scarf – Work
Bracelets – Wet Seal, F21 and Charlotte Russe
Filagree necklace – Work
Shell necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Work, before I worked there. They’re really old. Ha.


Title courtesy of Miley Cyrus – “Party in the USA”