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Confession: I am one of those annoying people who dresses for the occasion, as if it required a costume. It’s often against my own better judgement. More often than not, I can’t help myself. I wear holiday colors on the corresponding holiday. (Not like, the vests, with the pom-poms and the embroidery or anything, but holiday colors I do bust out.) If I can work a subtle hint of something here and there, I frequently do. Everything must have a theme. And if there isn’t one, I will MAKE one.

In another life, I would have made an amazing party planner. But instead I will probably just torture my someday children by dressing up in flamenco dresses at the dinner table. What’s wrong kids? Mommy made tacos!

So I’ll admit, this outfit may have been influenced by the fact that the mom and I went on a thrifting adventure today. I was going for vintage with a touch of hipster chic. 

We met up bright and early. Fueled by triple shot lattes and red velvet cupcakes, we canvassed most every thrift store within a fifty-mile radius.

When I was little, I was not so fond of thrifting. I had a childhood friend whose family frequently thrifted but referred to it only after a couple of sideways glances and under their breath in code. G.W. was a good place to find pants, I was told. This was before hipsters made it socially acceptable to buy used crap. As I got older, I occasionally picked up vintage dresses at thrift stores, conviced I’d someday have the perfect excuse to wear an itchy bubblegum-colored 1960’s prom dress that fit me like a tent.

Now, I thrift not for the prices (although they are quite the perk) but more for the thrill of the hunt. Sometimes I find nothing, but I enjoy perusing even the most awful junk. It makes me nostalgic for the past, with a little bit of optimism thrown in for what I might eventually find. Today, was mixed. I found a handful of fun items. I’m still learning to spot the good stuff, but my discernment skills have improved greatly.

Ironically, nothing that I’m wearing today is thrifted. But I just said I was into looking the part. I never claimed to be a realist.

Jacket – F21
Purple ruffle shirt – Work
Brown boy tank – F21
Scarf skirt – Charlotte Russe
Shoes – Payless
Necklace – handmade gift


Title courtesy of Blitzen Trapper – “Furr”