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My title comes from my favorite song du jour. One of my employees is always burning me amazing mix CDs. He put this song on there after we were discussing my um… affinity… for Jay Sean. But the real star of the song is Lil’ Jon. God I’ve missed Lil’ John. Music just isn’t the same without him. Screw that autotune noise. What I really desire in a song is that it be randomly punctuated with “YEAHHH!” “WHHHHATTT?!” and “OKAAAAAAY!”

It’s so obnoxious. Yet awesome.


Speaking of obnoxious yet awesome, check out my blingity new necklace. I never intended to buy this. I got it as the result of some buy one, get one half off promotion while buying a scarf something I really needed. You would think I’d be more immune to promotions, given that I hustle them all day myself. But if anything, I’m even more vulnerable because of it. I feel too bad saying no to people who have to add-on for a living. In any event, this was totally worth it. I’m kind of in love with it.


I don’t have much else to report today. We started getting new spring stuff at work. Lots of dresses and scarves. I nearly died when I saw it all. I have a gift certificate that I earned at Christmas, but now I have to narrow down my selection and decide what to actually buy. My eyes are bigger than my wallet and the whole affair made me very angsty.

Floral head scarf – can’t remember, old
Basic black tee- work
Chambrey button-down – Max Rave
Skinny Jeans – 5.7.9
Shoes – Payless
Belt – Wet Seal
Necklace – Vanity

Title Courtesy of Jay Sean featuring Lil’ Jon – “Do You Remember”