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I’m not going to lie, I had a bitch of a time getting dressed this morning.

I still have plenty of ideas floating around in my head, but it was one of those mornings. Everything just seemed to look wrong, my hair wasn’t cooperating. My closet floor turned into the wasteland. THE  wasteland. Everything looked just sort of mleh, and I wasn’t happy with any of it.

This is one of my favorite skirts. Usually reserved for spring, but I wore it to try and cheer myself up. I don’t think it worked. This outfit is at the very heart of my own personal style. Black and white with a pop of color, big jewelry, a-line, kitten heeled, etc. But something still feels… off.

So I’m opening up the floor for suggestions. Comments have been pretty quiet this week, which makes me think I’m boring you guys. If there is something you’d like to see, please shout it out! I’m open to crazy color combos, new inspirations, looks to try and put my spin on. Just whatever really. Barring that, maybe just tell me what you do, when nothing is working and you don’t know what to wear. Holla at me! You can leave a comment or email me at closet365@gmail.com I would love to hear from you.

Skirt – Ross
Basic black long sleeve – work
Necklace – Rue21
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Radiohead – “Creep”