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A couple of people have been commenting on my choices for footwear. I have never understood why people are always so concerned for someone else’s feet, but guess I should clear things up, real quick.

Yes it’s January. And yes, I live in a place that is cold and is frequently snowy/icy. Does the weather have any bearing on what I choose to cover my feet with on a given day? Um. Usually not. Because the thing is that, if I waited on the weather to be warm enough for cute shoes, I would almost never get to wear cute shoes. To be fair, I am more sensible than I used to be. I do wear closed toe shoes if it’s really chilly and boots if there is a lot of fresh snow or ice. But anything above 40 degrees? Is open-toe season for me. And anyway, I lost all feeling in my toes a long time ago. It’s all good.

But, if you’re still concerned, I have spared you for today. Behold! Boots!

In other news, my camera is fired. The weather today was somewhere along the lines of icky and grey. So, I opted take my photos indoors but to no avail. The true colors of this dress are lost to the universe.

I am thrilled that I winterized another spring favorite. All I had to do was throw on some stockings and a cardigan. The belt is part of the dress, which I just moved to the outside.

The funny story behind this dress is as follows: I bought it about a year ago and instantly fell it love with it. The first day I wore it, people were falling all over me with compliments. I couldn’t wait to wear it again. Then, I washed it and it shrunk. Horribly. To a virtually unwearable size. I was devastated. I wore it once more. As a swimsuit cover-up when I went to Vegas last spring. But I was still extremely saddened (and livid) about the loss of my beloved dress. I called the store, and they said there nothing they could do, since it had been washed. I asked if they had any more, because I almost loved it enough to buy another. They said they were sold out. A sorrowful rain, fell down on all of Jenny land.

A couple of weeks later, I went back to the store to exchange some items and started browsing the clearance. Lo and behold, there was my dress again. Super cheap and one size larger than the last. I snatched up immediately. The peasants rejoiced. And I only ever hand wash the damn thing, since then. I just love when stuff works out like that.

Dress – Charlotte Russe
Flyaway cardigan – 5.7.9
Boots – Thrifted
Earrings – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Jennifer Lopez – “Mile In These Shoes”