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Only one more day to go until I have three whole days off. I can’t wait to just head for the city, relax, shop and forget about life however briefly. Tomorrow will probably move in slow motion, just to spite me.

Remember how I said I was big on themes? Well, I used to assign a theme to my seasons as well. It started with my Pink Summer and moved onto various embodiments. I now try to set the tone for various periods of time based on colors, eras, bands, old movies. Whatever suits me. The theme then dictates what I wear, what music I listen to, what hobbies I pretend to care about, etc.

This year, I joked that I was having my Karl Lagerfeld Winter. Turtlenecks, big sunglasses, tight pants, bouffant ponytail, the occasional scarf. Karl is pretty much too cool for school, and I aspire to his level of fierceness. Observe:

Note to self: Invest in a skinny tie.

Even if the reference was lost on my fashion unobsessed friends, it couldn’t be any worse than the epic fail that was my Andy Warhol Halloween costume. I used to go around saying that Karl, although brilliant, looks kind of like he has the worst Diet Coke breath ever. I then told this to a girl who actually interned at Chanel and she got very snippy. No. No. He is SO nice, she told me, and he doesn’t smell AT ALL. Okay then. I stand corrected.

Today’s outfit sort of took on a life of its own. I wasn’t intentionally channeling Karl here, but I think it actually fits the theme. Yes? No?

Turtleneck – Old (Ross maybe?)
Ribbon wrap cardigan – Work
Trouser pants – Thrifted (Express)
Boots – Target
Pearl neckalce – Work
Bird neckalce – DIY

 Title courtesy of Manic Street Preachers – “Stay Beautiful”