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Oh freedom. You have come to me at last. I swear, as I was closing up the store tonight my pulse was just quickening. Three days off from work is exciting enough, but throw in a shopping trip and a posh hotel stay? I’m going to be that kid on the Disney commercial tonight. But I’m too EXCITED to sleep.

Contrary of course, to how enthused I seem in these pictures.


Nothing super innovative going on here. I was in the mood for comfy stuff. Generally speaking, I am most content to be in heels and tights and makeup, loaded up with accessories. But, today being the nineteenth in a row, I figured I was ready for something with less to-do.

Awhile ago, a girl walked through my store who was wearing a houndstooth scarf with a red top. And I thought, Duh. Why didn’t I think of that? These jeans are also super comfy. In the past, I’ve never shopped Banana Republic because I can’t afford it. But I got these jeans at Plato’s and I can see how they might be worth the money. I really love them.

Basic long sleeve tee – Work
Houndstooth scarf – Work
Rouched tank – Work
Jeans – Plato’s Closet (Banana Republic)
Shoes – Wal-Mart
Necklace  – Work
Bangle bracelet – Wet Seal

 Title courtesy of Jewel – “Foolish Games”