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I wanted to get my post up before we leave for the city. I love this blogging gig something fierce but I am guilty of obsessing about it. Today, I just want to enjoy my break. And not drive the husband crazy with talk of stats and comments and what-not.

I trekked out early to get my pictures done and all I can say is effing brrrrr. The weather reports have been calling warm temps all this week. Pants on fire, weather report. Pants. On fire.

I was between two outfits, but I chose this one for practical purposes. It’s easy to toss on and off while trying on clothes. Fitting rooms are not my friend, but I could never buy clothes without trying them on. Some girls do this, and it drives me crazy because they end up returning half of it. I know flourescent lights and funhouse mirrors are kind of a pain, but isn’t it equally inconvenient to drive back to the store? I don’t know.

I also had on a crocheted grey beret that matched my scarf. I asked the husband if it looked okay. He said yes, and then started giggling. I thought this was rich coming from someone who minutes earlier had to ask if his sweater “looked too short.” But ultimately, I ditched it.

*Addendum: Beret and layered scarves:

Basic long sleeve tee – Work
Dress – F21
Tights – Wet Seal
Scarf – Wal-Mart
Shoes – Target
Bird necklace – DIY
Grey beaded necklace – Work

Title courtesy of Chromeo – “Fancy Footwork”