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Back at it. I’m always pretty depressed after leaving the city but I feel okay this time. It was a nice, albeit brief, break. We did pretty much a whole lot of nothing, which is sometimes the best way to go about it. The husband and I get a kick out of test-driving Denver’s luxury downtown hotels. We call it a staycation. Actually, I call it a staycation. But only because the husband detests that term. Staycation. Staycation. Staycation. Okay, I kind of hate it too.

This time we stayed at the The Curtis, which is a pop-culture themed hotel. Total kitsch fun. You can rent board games. Order Rice Krispie Treats from room service. They have a One Hit Wonder floor. I love it. Shopping was kind of uneventful, aside from some awful customer service. But I’ll save that for a strongly-worded letter to the company in question.

I am spent for the month, but that was kind of the point. I may have gone a little over budget for January, between last week’s thrifting and an eBay purchase. But I have no other spending plans for the rest of this month or even the next few weeks, so I should be right on track.

You may recognize this flyaway cardigan from my very first outfit. I really love it, but it’s kind of distinctive. Otherwise I’d utilize more. Everything else is different, so at least it’s versatile. I love the color pink in theory, but I don’t wear a lot of it. The cream and silver have a nice way of toning it down. And sorry, this outfit is pretty work-centric. For those of you who just tuned in, items labeled “work” are from the store I manage but would prefer remain nameless, for obvious reasons. Dig?

No big plans from here on out. Neither of us has to be back at work until Saturday, so I think we’ll do dorky married people stuff around the house. We just got a bunch of “Lost” discs from Netflix, but first we have to finish up season two of “Brothers and Sisters.” Oh those Walkers. The only thing they are more than dramatic is predictable. But we can’t stop watching.

Flyaway cardigan – Work
Pink tunic top – Charlotte Russe
Grey leggings – Work
Belt – Work
Necklace – Work
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy 0f Flo Rida – “Elevator”