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Three things I was previously content to know nothing about:

1. Farmville
2. Jersey Shore
3. Photography

Still going strong on the first one. The second, I am actively avoiding but I did catch some by mistake the other night. And the latter? Well, I haven’t had much of a choice in the matter given the nature of this project. That said, I am finally starting to make friends with the camera. I’m still completely oblivious to its inner workings, but I’m  getting more comfortable with using it. I may have even had a little fun taking pictures today. Maybe.


Last week when I solicited outfit requests, Julia of the lovely Song of the Exile, left me the following suggestion:

“….when I feel bored, I try to be someone else. So if you feel really at home in this very feminine style, maybe let’s see some kickass-tough Berlin goth look. Yes, I mean it. I’m waiting!”

So let me preface this by saying that my knowledge of Berlin goth fashion, was rather limited. I had a vague idea. I once liked a bar called Prague in downtown Austin, with its gargoyle decor and red velvet couches. But yes, I know Prague is its own country and Berlin is in Germany. Beyond that, I Googled. “Berlin Goth” yielded some rather scary pictures on Flickr. “Berlin Goth Fashion” took me to these. Still a little scary, but also awesome.

But anyway. This is what I came up with. The skirt and the vest are two beloved pieces, but I probably never would have combined them otherwise.  In hindsight this is still uber feminine. But a departure from my norm, at least?

If there are any more requests, just shoot. However, I do have something exciting planned for this coming week. It’s a challenge/theme of sorts. Are you excited? I’m excited. Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it.

Sheer ruffle top- 5.7.9
Grey boy tank – F21
Necklaces – Wet Seal
Rosette Skirt – F21
Military vest – F21
Textured tights – 5.7.9
Boots – Target

Title Courtesy of Arcade Fire – “Black Mirror”