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Weekends are so quiet in blog world. It kind of makes me sad, because one of my favorite things to do in the morning is read and comment on other blogs while I get fueled up on coffee. I guess it’s only fair that everyone go out and have lives, but still. Sad day.

Well, there is only one reason why I am wearing this ridiculous ensemble today and that’s to announce my Theme Challenge for this coming week.

I am dressed like this, because I am bidding adieu to 80s fashion. You heard me. I’m sick of it. This whole 80s trend was never my favorite and now it’s just gotten old. Enough already. If you still heart the eighties, then I’m terribly sorry. You can keep them, and that includes the awful music too.  There I said it. Feel free to argue, but I’ll not be moved.

 I’ve grown bored with the predictability of Friday nights, when I inevitably get in a crowd of people shopping for 80s parties. Get some originality, kids. (Although, I did hear a rumor that Jersey Shore parties are the new thing. But um… 80s… Jersey Shore … kind of the same thing, yes?)

Anyway. I have embraced the bright colors, and welcomed leggings into my personal wardrobe as much as can be, but I’m over it. So this week, I’m moving on to the next (and in my opinion, infinitely better) decade: THE 90s!! Yes yes, y’all. I feel like the 90s, have been trying to come back for a little while, but have yet to properly dethrone the awful 80s.

I’ve been able to collect a handful of items that I feel represent quintessential 90s fashion and I’ll be incorporating them into my outfits all week. Hopefully this will be an amusing challenge and will help with my January doldrums. And if not, well, at least I’ll have a good excuse to douse myself in CK One and blast some En Vogue in my car. Sound good?

p.s. You got me. 90s week is really happening. However, 80s Jenny did not last the morning. I am ridiculous but not that ridiculous. What I actually wore today was this:

Similar color scheme yet significanly less frightening for a busy Saturday at work. This whole outfit is from work, except for the shoes. Those are Payless. Happy Weekend everybody!

Title courtesy of New Order – “Bizarre Love Triangle”