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It’s here! Our household got pretty excited for 90s week this morning! Jamming out to the 90s station with some Goo Goo Dolls, No Doubt, Boyz II Men and the rest of the gang. I remember the first time the husband and I saw a commercial for one of those compilation albums and it was all music from our formative years. Oh, God. We exclaimed. We’re old now.

I was never super into the grunge look. I was in fifth or sixth grade when the whole thing really took off. I had a crush on a boy who wore heavy metal t-shirts, and one of my closest friends went dark on me but I was always too prissy to join them. I stuck to my stirrup pants and velvet. And Blossom hats.

But the music was another story. I was instantly drawn to it. I had a secret collection of the “hard” stuff, which I ordered in secret from the BMG music club. Although my parents were pretty hip, I was convinced I’d be in trouble for listening to music with a parental advisory label on it. My collection of cassettes – Nirvana, Beck, Soundgarden, etc. were ferreted away on a secret shelf in my closet. I listened to my Walkman in the dark and then switched back to Amy Grant and Ace of Base so as not to arouse suspicion. Crap. I am so busted now.


Check my pensive Angela Chase hair muss here.

Since flannel and plaids have come back, this was sort of a no-brainer. Funnily enough, these shirts have been sitting on my clearance rack for weeks but today while wearing mine, I sold four. Another victory for the 90s! I’ll give this outfit one thing – it was super comfortable. My other thought upon dressing was that it’s no wonder I spent the decade thinking I was so fat. Nineties silhouettes are horrible. The circle necklace is the closest thing I could find to the jewelry of my youth. I used to wear all kinds of stupid symbols as accessories. If it had a peace sign, an Ankh or a Ying Yang and you could buy it at Claire’s, I owned it. I thought I was being deep.

 In an ideal world, this outfit would be completed by big black combat boots. I had some once. But today, my slouchy buckle boots will just have to fill in where nostalgia has failed me.

Long sleeve tee – Work
Flannel – Work
Leggings – 5.7.9
Boots – Work
Necklace – Claire’s

Title courtesy of Bush – “Machinehead”