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Speaking of songs I still know all the words to.

I’ve always prided myself on being able to spot and avoid short-lived fashion trends. Which is why in the 90s, I never owned one of those oversized Looney Toons shirts or the clothes that changed color. But when it comes to music, it’s another story. I fall for the one hit wonder. Every. Single. Time. My CD collection houses my many lapses in judgement from the 90s. I can’t even begin to try to explain how that Lou Bega CD made its way into the case. Chumbawumba? Well, that see, belonged to my brother. I was just borrowing it. You don’t remember The Presidents of The United States of America? Yeah. Me neither.

Thank God for iTunes. So much easier to fake good taste these days.

Vests were such a staple in my 90s wardrobe, and I loved wearing them with an oversized button-down and some stirrup pants leggings. This look reminds me of something Clarissa would have worn. Maybe a little “Benny and Joon” thrown in for good measure. Remember when Melissa Joan Hart was cool? Nowadays, I just confuse her with Leann Rimes. And Alison Sweeney. And that other chick. You know the one I’m talking about.

And remember when Nickelodeon produced pretty much the best television around? When I wasn’t obsessively taping and watching Days of Our Lives, I lived for Snick on Saturday nights. If you still miss the amazing programming of that era, fear not: watch this YouTube video. It brings back so many memories for me, and then some. They just don’t make them like that anymore.

Button down – Work
Vest – Wet Seal
Necklace – Claire’s
Leggings – Work
Boots – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of US3 – “Cantaloop”