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A sweet girl once put some Spice Girls on a workout mix when we traded CDs. You laugh. I laughed. But whenever it comes on at the gym, I always feel like a secret badass. I channel my inner Mel C. (aka Sport Spice) and kick it up a notch. Girl Powah.

So today, for 90s week, I am featuring a very special feminine fashion of the decade. Wait for it…

Can you see it?! Did you guess?


When these tried to make a comeback last fall, my poor baby-faced employees were so confused. What IS that? They pondered between fits of laughter. How do you wear it? Our young customers were equally befuddled. Is that a onesie?! Omigod, it’s like… an adult onsie. So-and-so come here! You have to see this… I am often envious of the youth of others, but in this case I just felt sad for them.

In the 90s, I thought bodysuits were way sophisticated. Never mind the fact that it did feel like wearing an adult onesie. Or that if you stretched too languidly on the monkeybars, it would unsnap itself and you’d have to scramble to fix it or risk showing the rest of sixth grade your underthings. Bodysuits were awesome. I had at least a couple that I wore under my shortalls or a denim button-down. With some hunter green jeans. Don’t lie. You know you had some too.

 These days bodysuits can be put to practical use under high-waisted skirts. No bunching! I modernized mine a bit with a circle scarf and a chambrey skirt. Because while I am a spaz, I’m not quite enough of one to rock the bodysuit in its full glory at work.

Although, truth be told, when these things first showed up, I threatened to wear mine over tights. Add some stilettos and go as Single Ladies Beyonce for Halloween. Girl Power indeed! It didn’t happen, but nothing has been ruled out for Halloween 2010.

Chambrey skirt- Work
Circle scarf – Target
Tights – Target
Shoes – Ross

Title courtesy of the Spice Girls – “Spice Up Your Life”