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Don’t speak 90s week. Because I know what you’re thinking. And I don’t need your reasons.

I think this is where we say, it’s been real. I’ve spent the entire week paying homage to my favorite decade in fashion. We’ve explored the intricacies of the body suit and the scrunchie. Discussed my distaste for swing dancing and so much more. I am ready to go back to my normal wardrobe. Still, I’ve been waiting all week for my favorite item of all. Doc mothereffing Martens. Yeah.

I cannot explain my love for the Docs. They’re the shoe equivalent of dating someone off-type and falling for them hard. While I’d normally go for a sleek kitten heel or a strappy stiletto, the big old clunky Docs totally do it for me. Then and now. I had a few pairs in junior high and high school. They were my one splurge, but I don’t know what happened to them. I bought this pair on eBay recently out of pure nostalgic lust, but I have no problems working them in to my normal wardrobe.  

Marginally ugly, yet so amazing. This pair also came with a cute handwritten note from my eBay seller, wishing us well. You have no idea, seller. No idea.

So while it’s time to say peace out to this theme week, I will say that the 90s may return to the blog, at some point. If only because the husband said I can’t have a proper 90s week without overalls. We will see about that. For now I’m off to enjoy one last hurrah in my babydoll dress, my knee socks and my beloved Docs. Listening to the greatest music of all time. 

See you back here tomorrow, in the regular millenium.

Babydoll dress – F21
Mustard cardigan – Target
Rouched white tank – Work
Knee socks – Work
Necklace – The Icing
Doc Martens – eBay

Title courtesy of Vanessa Williams – “Saved the Best for Last”