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Did anybody else watch the Grammy’s last night? Yawn. I mean… me too. Award shows are more fun to snark on than anything. Therefore, I was saddened by how boring last night’s show was. I’d say it was 90% the absence of Kanye and the rest was just lackluster.

I am kind of over Taylor Swift, or at the very least hearing about Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga got shortchanged. Lots of off-key singing. Stephen Colbert made me laugh for the first time in awhile. The husband asked why Bon Jovi got a soccer mom haircut but I told him I think it’s more likely that soccer moms got Bon Jovi haircuts. Michael Jackson tribute = meh. Shut up, Drake. And who/what the hell is Zac Brown Band?

There’s been a lot of talk today that Beyonce and Jay-Z were being cold to each other. (Please, please, please don’t be true!) I didn’t notice it, but I do think her performance song choices were suspect. Insert annual obligatory plea from the recording industry to please stop jacking free music. I get their point, but it means so little when you see a gigantic room full of people who are obviously not struggling to eat, or support their kids or wear million dollar jewelry to award shows. Stop being dramatic. If there was anything else worth mentioning, I forget because I was bored. Bring on Oscar season.

I think I’m struggling to get my dressing mojo back after 90s week. I’m all disjointed. I forget what other outfits I was kicking around before flannel happened. I just sit on my closet floor staring at things in wonderment. This sweater was actually supposed to be part of 90s week, as part of a floral motif. I didn’t end up using it then. It proved kind of hard to pair with any of my stuff. I like this outfit, other than the old lady-ish vibe it gives me. Should have saved it for an Old Lady Sunday.

Still, it worked well to play with some other floral accessories I’ve been saving.

Final summation: Today was the most uneventful of days. Work was quiet. Yoga was decent. I need a pedicure. Waiting on my February horoscope. Still so sad about a lack of Kanye.

Floral Sweater – 5.7.9
Pink button-down – Gap
Pants – Thrifted (Delia’s)
Necklace – DIY
Shoes – Work
Hair pins – F21

Title courtesy of Kanye West and Adam Levine – “Heard Em Say”