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Holy late post. Well. It was a long day. Here is a retail tip from the inside: If the store closes at nine, it really does close at nine. Sure, we’ll tell you it’s fine to stay past closing time. We leave the doors open and the music playing and the lights on. We tell you, take all the time you need! We don’t mean this. We want to go home. I’m 26 and married. It’s not like I’ve got a hot date or a party to attend to, but I do like to eat dinner prior to 10:30. My cats worry, you know.

I digress. But it’s still before the midnight deadline, so it’s fine.

I’ll let you in on a secret about today’s outfit: everything I’m wearing, save for the necklace, is at least one size too large. Pure coincidence, but I find it funny.

The sweater, is a large. I’m usually a small at F21. Medium if it’s a dress and I’m trying not to pull a Britney. But I loved the color, so I bought it. I haven’t actually washed it yet, but I figure it will shrink. The skirt, was thrifted and a size larger than my usual Ann Taylor. But um, look at it. Would you pass on it? I figured it was nothing a safety-pin or a box of donuts couldn’t remedy.

The polo shirt underneath is also way too large. It used to kind of fit. Not really. But kind of. I lost a bit of weight and while it’s now oversized, I’m really glad I kept it. I just adore the collar.

Lastly, even the shoes are a tad big. One of those deals where they don’t come in half sizes and guess who’s a seven and a half? What is UP with the no half sizes? Haters. They work though. Just as long as I don’t walk too fast. So while the whole thing actually turned out rather nicely, I did feel like a little kid all day in my oversized clothes. I promise I will be back tomorrow wearing clothes that actually fit.

Polo – Aeropostale
Sweater – Forever 21
Necklace – Wet Seal
Skirt – Thrifted (Ann Taylor)
Shoes – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of The Flobots – “Handlebars”