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My cats are cross with me. I left this morning without refilling their dish and did not return for approximately 12 hours. And just what was I doing all day? Hmmm. Shopping.

It was time for another thriftventure. It had been a long week, what with being sick and work stress and the husband being gone on a business trip. I was winding down the week quite bored and depressed. So naturally, I was looking forward to the getaway. The mom was kind enough to accompany me again, so this time we sojourned to Boulder to see what thrifting goodies we might find. Armed with a long list of potential treasure troves and my trusty Kia, we combed the city.

It was a beautiful day and driving around got me excited to run Bolder Boulder this year. And of course, prime people-watching. A street person resembling a Teletubby. A menagerie of live animals at a thrift store. (Would anyone like to buy a gently used rat?) Plus a very special waitress at lunch. Note to self: must start Twittering a running commentary while on thrifting trips.

Despite or perhaps because of its oddities, Boulder proved to be a thrifting haven. There were many stores we had to pass up, due to a lack of time and my inability to properly navigate the “clusterfucky” streets. (Mom’s words, although I concur.) My GPS may have been no help on the roads, but once inside the stores, I did just fine. It turned out to be a rather fruitful trip. I am very very excited about some of my new finds, particularly the stuff I found at Buffalo Exchange. We don’t have one where I live, and it had been ages since I’d visited one.

Once back in town, I still felt malconent going home to my empty house. I hit up a few more local haunts, ran a few errands and also stocked up on groceries. It’s a good day when there are new clothes AND new groceries.  And the cats have been fed, in case you were worried.

A good day, definitely calls for a good dress. So, I’m glad I picked today to finally bust this one out. The husband was not in favor of me buying this dress. When shopping with me for the project, he tends to favor items that look extremely versatile and can be used many ways. So practical, that one. But I was so enamored with this dress that his argument fast became background noise and I saw only shiny buttons and cute pockets.

In my defense, I can think of quite a few ways that I plan to style this dress. I discovered at least three while agonizing over how to wear it, today. This is a winterized version and there are details on this dress yet to be revealed, my friends.

Dress – F21
Flyaway Cardigan – 5.7.9
Brown leggings – Wet Seal
Boots – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of Taylor Swift – “The Best Day”  (Video linked. Mom, it’s for you, so click it!)