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Happy weekend to all! I’m guessing you are all out doing things lovely and amazing, because holy crap. I have not seen such low traffic on the blog since I started. I’d be worried that I did something wrong, but I’m going to assume it’s a combination of Fashion Week/The Olympics/Valentine’s Day. Or you’re out shopping. My store was slammed today and not with nice people.

Some days I feel like people just look at me and decide that I’m going to be target of their misplaced ire. Today I was in trouble with a bunch of people for not having the omigodsospecific item they just had to have that second. Including but not limited to flare jeans, neon leggings, leg warmers and size 00. I had all of these things on-hand, but apparently not THE ones that people were looking for and they felt this was directly my fault. I got cursed at twice to my face. Um. Sorry that you waited until the last minute and that I’m not a magician who can make things magically appear?

Not terribly excited about today’s outfit but oh well. I don’t tend to wear the exciting stuff on Saturdays anyway, because I know hardly anyone is stopping by the blog. Today especially. Sheesh it’s dead.I had a different shirt and fun tights in mind for this skirt, but I was rushing this morning and nothing was working. So, boring shirt and my bff black leggings it is. I do like the color of the skirt though. Army green is fun.

And that’s all I got unless you want to hear about unruly children or a big thug fight that happened in the mall corridor today. I’m guessing not. So, I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Shirt – Can’t remember, it’s old
Oversize beaded necklace – The Icing
Skirt/belt – F21
Leggings – Work
Shoes – Ross

Title courtesy of Pink Floyd – “Comfortably Numb”