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Ahhh. I’m all melty and blissed out from yoga class right now. Except for one odd thing – I skipped one week of class due to being sick last week and I swear, tonight’s session was exactly identical to the last one I attended. From the torturous side plank series to the Dave Matthews song the instructor misattributed to Uncle Cracker. Total deja vu. I can’t complain too much because it was a good class, but it was very weird.

Sometimes having my elephant memory can be a bit of a curse. i.e. rerun yoga. Other times it comes in completely handy. For example, I’m doing a play in two weeks and had to memorize a last minute monologue. But I did the same monologue five years ago and thus still remember most of it verbatim. That’s weird, right? And to think, nine days out of ten, I can’t remember where I parked my car at the mall.

So we’re calling this my Fat Monday outfit. Completely inadvertent that I’m wearing Mardi Gras colors and hugemongous beads the day before Fat Tuesday. It seriously never even crossed my mind, until I was helping someone put together an outfit for tomorrow night and they were describing their desired look as purple and green and gold with some big beads. And I was like, hmmm you mean like this? Oops and oh well. I’m not going out tomorrow night, so I guess I just got dressed for the party a day early. I’m ahead of the curve like that.

Actually, I dressed for warmth today. It’s been frigid, and I have this issue with always being cold. Lately I’m convinced that I have ice flowing through my veins. This would explain certain aspects of my personality. But mostly it just makes layering very necessary. The back of my top has very lovely detailing, which I’ll have to show off another day. Instead, I layered on this purple wrap that I’ve been wanting to incorporate for awhile. The necklace is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It cost me $7 on a sale and paid for itself in compliments from the first day I wore it. Still does. We were fast friends, the necklace and I.

Purple wrap – Local boutique
Print top – 5.7.9
Black long sleeve tee – Work
Black pants – Work
Necklace – Target
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Dave Matthews and Kenny Chesney – “I’m Alive”