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You may be wondering how I fared my first day without coffee? Actually not bad. Not bad at all. I got to sleep in for perhaps the first time all year and that definitely helped. Otherwise, no withdrawal and energy was decent. The only thing I miss is the ritual of a hot mug in the morning. For this reason, I may be testing out some green tea over the next 45 days. Yes I’m counting.

In fact, I was headed to the grocery store to peruse teas but I stopped at Goodwill instead. Oops. I’ve decided that thrifting is somewhat like ghost hunting. Once you open your mind to the possibility of paranormal activity, the spirits start appearing at the most inconvenient moments. Whispering to you even when you weren’t asking to be contacted. They’re everywhere. You can’t turn them off. Come and playyy with us, Jenny. We wanna be your friend. And the next thing you know, I’m sifting through the goods, taking in the musty smell, writhing around in their ill-lit fitting rooms. Divining. I see used clothes.

Today this dress jumped out at me. I tried telling it that it was no longer of this world, and that it was okay to cross over. But it insisted on following me home.

I mentioned among my fashion resolutions for this year that I have a problem with “saving” the good items and I’m still having a really hard time with it. Hoarding my best finds, my favorite items for the right time, which inevitably never comes. After a very long and tormented battle in the closet today, I challenged myself to just go for it and wear the dress this very day. So I did.

It’s kind of an overwhelming dress. The fit is good but the pattern would perhaps look better on a more statuesque girl. I had to fake big hair to compensate. My hair is rather thick, but voluminous, it is not. I went for the obvious pop of red to accent it, but I think next time I’ll try a purple and maybe some gold accessories. I really do love the dress, even if it’s a bit bold on me.

Damask. Don’t act like I never told ya.

Dress – Thrifted
Red rocuhed tank – Work
Shoes – Local shoe boutique

Title courtesy of Sia – “Buttons”