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Whee! Happy Valentine’s day to me, today! I don’t even have much to write. One tends to lose one’s sarcastic and cynical outlook on life, when spending time with their nearest and dearest. Sorry guys. I’m sure I’ll be hacked off about something tomorrow and back in true form.

We had a really fun day though. Lots of random couple-y togetherness. This morning we went out for bagels and I dragged the husband to yoga with me for the first time. Poor guy. I thought we were in for the easier morning instructor but guess who came to substitute today? Our Lady of Sideplanks and Music Confusion. We survived though. After that we lounged around at home. Went for a late lunch and some shopping at the mall. The husband found me a couple of cute super-clearanced skirts. See why I love him? Lastly we went and saw “Valentine’s Day” which I actually really liked. I’m usually a hard sell when it comes to romantic comedies, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Recommended.

Picture taking kind of failed today. By the time I got dressed For Real after my lounge-ish morning, it had started snowing. I was pretty bummed because I only get so many free days to go run around and take pictures and I was not in the mood to brave the cold. Balcony won by default and I was still freezing. Someone mentioned to me that my pictures amuse them, because I’m wearing summery outfits in snow. I don’t really consider my outfits summery. I wear them primarily indoors and I’m always mostly covered, even if it’s just with tights. But I am toying with the idea of a coat week to show you that I do indeed own and wear coats. Just not while documenting my outfits, for obvious reasons.

I may not be a master of self-portraiture, but macro shots, I just about got down.

Oh skinny jeans. So fraught with implications and anxiety. Not for the faint of heart. I myself am not a huge fan, but I pulled these out on a whim. I hadn’t worn these in a very long time. So after being mesmerized that they actually fit (and doing some light stretching to aid movement) I decided to leave them on. The rest I just kind of threw together. I have to stop doing that, but it works alright for today.

I think we’re going to order some pizza, watch some Olympics and call it an evening. I asked the husband if I would be a bad date, if I traded the skinny jeans for some pajama pants and he said no. True love!

Skinny jeans – 5.7.9
White boy tank – F21
Cream burnout tunic – F21
Navy shrug – Wet Seal
Belts – F21
Brown beaded necklace – The Icing
Turquoise beaded necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Thrifted (Candie’s)

 Title courtesy of Scissor Sisters – “Might Tell You Tonight”