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Oy vey. I am finding so much on my plate this week, it isn’t even funny. I’m keeping up alright, and I think I’m actually at my best when I’m uber busy. I just need a few extra hours in the day. That’s all.

Tonight, I attended my first blogger meetup for other bloggers in my area. I was terrified to go and almost didn’t. For one thing, I’m just horribly shy and socially inept, especially in new groups. And for the other, I get a little self-conscious about explaining The Project to strangers. I figured I would be surrounded by Serious Bloggers writing about Serious Things like greenhouse gases and cystic fibrosis and who knows what else, and then in walks crazy Jenny with her crazy outfits, taking notes with a Hello Kitty pen. Awkward.

Still, I am always in pursuit of knowledge about blogging and making this project bigger and better. I thought it would be good to branch out, and so I went. It was really interesting. Some geek speak still goes over my head, but I did pick up quite a bit of new insight. Whether I fit in or not remains to be seen, but I think I will attend more meetups and hopefully eventually work up the courage to be a better participant. But yay for trying new things?

Well, if you can’t feel important, you can at least look it, right? This motto has pretty much gotten me through life in its entirety. So if I’m wrong, please don’t correct me and shatter my illusions. In high school, while some people were putting holes in their face and dressing in all black to intimidate, my armor was smart skirts and dressy shoes. Still is.

For a thrifted dress from Buffalo Exchange, that originally hailed from Forever 21, this dress feels rather regal to me. I just love the gold embroidery. I also adore the bell sleeves and the swingy quality about the skirt. I pranced around in it all day and was seriously killing me that I couldn’t make time to go out and give it a proper photoshoot. I’m sorry dress. You deserve better. I promise to me a more humble servant to you in subsequent summery adaptations.

More nude stockings and I’m sorry for that. I think I’m trying to call forth actual bare-legged weather by imitating it. I just can’t bring myself to full-on leggings. I’ll try harder tomorrow. If only because I am irritated by the term “nude stockings.” It just sounds gross.

This is my most favorite winter coat. It’s big and red. What two better qualities can you ask for in a coat?

 Dress – Thrifted (F21)
White long sleeve tee – Work
Necklace – Work
Boots – Target

 Title courtesy of Tom Petty – “It’s Good to be King”