Okay, so outfit post is coming later. I took pictures outside this morning but didn’t have time to edit them and now I’m off to work. Pretty please check back later tonight for it.

But anyway, I thought this should be its own post.

I got an email last night from Corey at Corey Lee Draws letting me know that he had used a picture of mine from the other day. And I was really excited because I’ve checked out his blog a couple of times and been really impressed with the artwork on there. Also, I don’t think anyone has ever drawn a picture of me, and I was nervous stoked to see what I look like in graphic form. As it turns out, I am totally badass in drawing form.

Check this out!

The original blog post is here. I also really love the black and white sketch version. I kind of want to hang it on my wall because I’m vain like that.

Thanks very very much to Corey for doing this absolutely awesome drawing. And be sure to check out more of his art at the website and blog.

 Title courtesy of The Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.”