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So one thing I’ve noticed in the absence of coffee is that after the first few days, my energy levels dropped just an itty bit. It must have taken that long for all of the caffeine to wear off. I still indulge in minimal amounts in my tea and the occasional Diet Coke but I’m also making an effort not to simply replace the coffee with diet soda. I once had a long torrid love affair with the afformentioned black nectar and I don’t need to go there, again.

But on the flipside, when I don’t spend two hours in the morning sitting at my computer with my coffee cup, I get other stuff done. Eureka! I kept thinking I was in a time warp this morning. Sleeping until eight, going to the gym, getting dressed and taking pictures, packing my lunch and tidying up the house. It was insane. So there are advantages to this thing after all.

How do we feel about the mixing of stripes with floral patterned tights? I was really nervous about this because I am not typically a pattern mixer. I’m very matchy and safe. Even the maroon and dark turquoise felt like a little much to me. I ended up going there, because I’ve seen so many other people do it beautifully. But I still felt a little out of my element.

Another thing I’ve seen flawlessly executed on other girls and other blogs is the milkmaid braids. I am SO not a hair person. I’m essentially a helpless do-nothing when it comes to my hair. I do the bare minimum to get by and it’s my least favorite part of fashion. Still, all these girls with their impressive braids really inspired me. I wanted to try. But I was still completely baffled.

Then along came Julia with her awesome tutorial. As it turns out, the braids are really easy to do, if you’re not a special case like me. Even with instruction, I failed several times. I tried one last time this morning, and I finally got it down. I think. They’re a little messy but I was pleased to find that they actually stayed in place all day and looked okay with the outfit.

One thing I like about this outfit is that the colors remind me of magic markers. These days markers come in umpteen colors per packet but back in the day, there were three packages – Classic Colors, Pastels and Bold. The Bold package was always my favorite because they were the jewel tones.

This coat is new. A strange thing happened. After I mentioned not owning many winter coats, we ended up marking some down at work. Because they weren’t moving and we’re trying to make room for spring stuff, it was a killer deal and I ended up acquiring two new coats. The husband is very excited about this because it means we won’t have to go coat shopping next winter and he won’t have to listen to me whine about it.

This little military number is just my new favorite thing ever. We were married this morning in a small civil ceremony, February 23rd in The Year of Our Lord. I’m not sure if the State of Colorado will recognize marriage between a girl and a wool jacket. Although, you can legally marry your cousin here. True story.

Skirt – F21
White oxford shirt – Can’t remember, it’s old
Striped sweater – F21
Textured tights – 5.7.9
Shoes – Payless
Earrings – The Icing

Title courtesy of John Mayer – “Heartbreak Warfare”