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Do yourself a favor and check out the title song. I know. Sade? No, I’m serious. It’s awesome. I am listening to it on repeat as we speak.

I’m waiting on my dinner to be done cooking and then I think we’re going to watch some Olympics. I’m not gonna lie, I’m ready for the games to be done. Not because I’m not enjoying them. I’ve actually watched more this year, than I have since…Barcelona? The husband is obsessed, and I’ve joined him in watching them every night. Which has been great. But my point in wishing they were over is because a) The Olympics has made us way behind on all of our other important TV watching and b) Watching the Olympics makes me feel as if I’ve done nothing productive with my own life.

Oh well. I will spare you my whining. Outfit time!

Well, this is another first for the me. I am wearing orange. I never, never never ever wear orange. I’ve just never been a big fan. But, I can admit that lately it’s been growing on me. I bought a gorgeous skirt thrifting that features orange as the predominant color and then this tank. I decided to test the waters today and I’m not disappointed.

Overall, I was pleased with how everything came together. It’s weird planning outfits around a coat. Brown is not my favorite color either, but it does lend itself well to gold jewelry and other fun accessories. I ended up ditching the original belt on my jacket and tying it with a scarf. Just pretend you can’t see the stripes on my pants clashing with the polka dots. The stripes aren’t nearly as prominent in person.

Also excuse the last pose. I promise I’m not really so much of a tool as to pose like this on purpose. The camera caught me off guard and it ended up being the best shot of today’s coat. This one is the other recently procured. Not my usual style, but I’m digging it. The fur trim makes me feel like a mafia wife, which is what I really want to be when I grow up. I think I’ll be a good one because I’m great at wearing big jewels and feigning ignorance.

Pants – Thrifted
Orange textured tank – Max Rave
Jacket – 5.7.9
Scarf – can’t remember, it’s old
Shoes – Thrifted
Gold necklaces – Wet Seal and The Icing

Title courtesy of Sade – “Soldier of Love”