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It’s been mostly a day of solitude for me. Quiet and meditative. The husband went skiing. I haven’t skied since I was six, and I didn’t take to it. Although I would like to try snowboarding sometime. He felt bad for ditching me, but he did leave me with $20 to do a little thrifting. What can I say? I am easily bought. So I did that. I didn’t find anything too exciting. Mostly belts, strangely enough.

The rest went to paying my library fines. I love my books, but I am terrible about returning them on time. No matter, though. I consider paying library fines my civic duty for all the hundreds of books I’ve borrowed over the years. The library is my happy place. My sanctuary. My Tiffany’s in a Tiffany-less town. Nothing bad could ever happen there. Every place I’ve ever lived, I’ve acquired a library card right off the bat. I practically collect them.

It was a rather grey day but warm enough to take my trench for a spin. It doesn’t photograph so fabulously, but it’s a good old-fashioned black trench coat. I do love it.

Pretty simple day overall. I was dying for some color to brighten up the day. Hence, scarf. The striped shirt felt like a good fit for some high-waisted trousers but these aren’t exactly high-waisted, so I filled in the gap with a big belt.

That’s about all I have to say today. I’ve got “The September Issue” on DVD and the March issue (untouched as of yet) in my hot little hands. It’s about to get Vogue up in this bitch.

Pink striped shirt – 5.7.9
Yellow scarf – Vanity
Trousers – Thrifted (Maurice’s)
Shoes – Payless
Earrings – Wet Seal
Belt – Stolen off a skirt

Title courtesy of Benny Benassi – “Love Is Gonna Save Us”