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I woke up this morning feeling slightly cranky. I couldn’t place what was bothering me. It’s been a long week, and I’m really only less than halfway through it. So maybe that was it. 

Then I remembered that amidst all the drama yesterday, I forgot something very important. Um. The USED BOOK SALE at the mall. Used book sales are a Big Deal to me. They happen only a few times a year, but it’s how I acquire most of my books. The husband hates them because he’s already always begging me to weed out my book shelves (plural). But I pretty much live for them. I even schedule myself to work the morning they open. The first rule of the used book sale, is that you get there early. The second is that you leave your dignity at home. 



Hardcore book nerds get to the sale as soon as it starts and they show no mercy. There will be some shoving. Some gnashing of teeth. You always leave a little worse for the wear, but with a big box of new books. I don’t know about where you live, but around here, you don’t attend a used book sale. You conquer it. So imagine my sadness, when I realized I missed the main event.

The thing that sprung me from my funk was my NEW SPRING COAT. It’s yellow and a little cupcakey, but guess what? I LOVE yellow and cupcakes. Don’t tell my winter jacket from the other day, but I think I may have to take another bride. It’s alright. I watch “Big Love.” I know the score. They’re going to be sister coats. We’re all going to be very happy together. 

I’m also fairly fond of my outfit today. Still in my white phase, I had to take this spring skirt for a test run. I’ve been borrowing the belt from it quite a bit, but today it was reunited with rightful owner. 

The tights are just hilarious to me. They came from a thrift store, but don’t worry, they were still new in package. The funny thing is that they were SO old. I bought them for a dollar but according to the original price sticker, they only cost $1.19 brand new from May D&F. If you are too young to know what May D&F is please don’t tell me. I got a birthday coming up and I’m not trying to hear that, see. Respect your elders. 

In any event, they’re frigging fantastic tights! Comfy. Warm. Perfect thickness and texture, no snagging, decent color. I am going to build a time machine and go back for some more. Anybody need anything from the early eighties, while I’m out? 

Blue pinstripe button down – 5.7.9
White rouched tank – Work
Skirt – Max Rave
Tights – Thrifted
Shoes – Payless 
Necklace – Wet Seal
Bracelet – can’t remember

 Title courtesy of Beck – “Hell Yes”