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Did anyone else take pleasure in penning today’s date? It is 02-28-10, which means my least favorite month of the year is over. Ovah. I skipped the gym tonight and we are having a peace out February party at my house. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, salt water taffy and a movie. It’s not even supposed to be a junk food day, but oh well, tomorrow is a new month!

Hey, I figured something neat out! In the past I’ve been bad about responding to comments within the blog because I wasn’t sure if the response would even be seen by the person commenting. I did a little testing and found out that it’s possible, as long as you click the button indicating that you want follow up comments emailed to you. So now that I know that, I will be able to interact a little more seamlessly in the comments section. If you already knew that, gold star for you. And a condescending smiley face sticker for me, for just now figuring that out.

Today’s outfit is pretty much just because I saw a lady yesterday wearing a collared shirt under a cowl neck sweater and I thought it looked rad. Hers was a long tunic sweater and she wore it with leggings, which would also work, except my cowl neck is rather unlengthy. I love me some leggings, but my hard and fast rule is that leggings are only acceptable as pants if the shirt covers your butt and the majority of your thighs. Anything else, is not cute.

Instead, I wore some of my favorite pinstripe pants. I’m sure I’ve told you before, how difficult it is for me to find pants that aren’t extraordinarily long on me. If I had a dollar for every great pair of pants I’ve passed on due to length, I would… probably still not buy a lot of pants. Most pants you can buy in the petite section are generally ugly. FYI pants makers – not all short people have a front butt, nor do we require an elastic waistband. But about a year ago, I found something fantastic at Kohl’s called The Daisy Fuentes Collection. First the scrunchie around the microphone, and now great pants. What doesn’t this woman do? These pants are from that collection and they fit so perfect that I ended up purchasing another pair a week later.

Then something bad happened. The collection was discontinued. I’ve searched many times, but it’s as if it was never there. The petite section is once more filled with bad pants. Every time I go, I check. I wander aimlessly around my local Kohl’s crying Daiiissy Fuentes where are you? Daisssayy! But no one answers. Except maybe the occasional sales associate wondering why I’m looking for a 1990s MTV VeeJay sandwiched between the mom jeans and the pleat-front trousers. Oh well. At least I still have two pairs to my name. And maybe someday, Daisy will return from whatever important other things she’s doing and make me some more pants.

Chambrey button-down – Max Rave
Red cowl neck – Work
Bracelet – Work
Pinstripe pants – Kohl’s
Shoes – Wal-Mart
Earrings – Work

Title courtesy of The Killers – “Somebody Told Me”