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Hey everybody. Today is a special day. Today is my mommy’s birthday!

My mom is one of my favorite people. And I don’t like a whole lot of people, so… do with that what you will. I got my sense of humor from her, and my love of music among many other things. My mom was the first person to ever take me shopping for clothes and is still enabling me to this day with thrifting trips and phone calls to let me know when it’s 99 cent sweater day at Arc. Which is how I acquired part today’s outfit.

My mom is not only an avid reader of this blog, but of the comment section as well. So feel free to wish her happy birthday below. Trust me, she will read it. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.

Lovely day we are having here, despite a brief snow last night. Because my mother’s birthday is the first day of the month, and mine the last, we have always taken note of how the month begins weather-wise. Will it be in like a lamb and out like a lion or vice versa? Guess I get to be the lion this year. Bummer.

So much pressure getting dressed the first of the month. I feel like I have to set the tone for the days to come. I must have thrown around ten different outfits this morning. Literally threw them. My closet, office and bathroom are a mess right now. I settled on this one for a bit of springyness. As I mentioned, this sweater is thrifted from the big sweater sale. I’ve been wanting a little chartreuse in my wardrobe, so this was perfect. It also inspired me to play around with textures and colors a little,  mostly working off the colors of the scarf. I got this scarf in the dollar section at Target. Does anyone else get sucked into that section every time? It’s stupid.

Black mini skirt – Max Rave
Sweater – Thrifted
Blouse – Work
Belt – Work
Leggings – Work
Boots – 5.7.9
Scarf – Target

Title courtesy of Bright Eyes – “True Blue”