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Oh my God. How much did I used to love that song? When I was a kid, we unearthed my parents’ collection of 45 records, and I would spin that record until I nearly wore it out. When no one was looking, I’d don a long skirt and a bandana and dance around pretending to be Cher. Further proof that I am actually a gay man living in a woman’s body.

Well, March is shaping up nicely all two days in. The weather has been lovely, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I swear if one more person feels it necessary to remind me that March is the snowiest month of the year, I am going to have to take them down. In any event, I have things to look forward to. Does anyone else love a good countdown when life seems mundane? Here are some of mine: 89 days until Bolder Boulder race day, 33 more days until I can have coffee again, 29 days until my birthday, 30 days until our mini vacation, 19 days until the first day of spring, 10 days at most until I can expect some much anticipated mail, 6 more days until my next thrifting excursion and two more days until my next day off. I’m thinking about making some paper chains and tearing of links each day. But in the meantime, I wait.

Pretty simple today. Gypsy-esque with a bit of Boho. I have dressed as a gypsy no less than three Halloweens, but if I could, I would dress like a gypsy every day. All skirts and scarves and jangly things.  Big jewelry is my jam, man. And when you’re a gypsy, you have nary a worry about overdoing the accessories. You get to wear all your shit at once.

This dress was one of my awesome Buffalo Exchange finds. It very much begged to stand alone, but I winterized it for two reasons. One: it was just warm enough that by adding some long sleeves, I was able to ditch my coat. Score. And two: I can’t imagine not wearing this dress again this year. I wanted my options open for a re-working in warmer months. Such a lovely little dress.

Dress- Thrifted (Kimchi Blue)
Grey long sleeve – Work
Grey tights – Wet Seal
Jewelry – Work
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Cher – “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”