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It is a good day y’all. Let me count the ways: I am done with a long work-week, I bought a birthday dress today, I have my play this weekend, I got exciting mail, I had a decent run that got me all sorts of stoked for 10k training, I have a copy of “New York, I Love You” to watch, to name a few. I am being reminded via Twitter that it’s also baby night on “The Office.” I can’t get too excited about that though, because I’m way way way behind on TV. I haven’t watched “The Office” since before Christmas. For shame.

It’s been a productive week too. Lots more rearranging at my store, because things were starting to look a little stale. If you speak fashion blog, this was the equivalent of one very large wardrobe remix. If not, this was the equivalent of playing a very large game of Barbies. With a little more thought involved, of course. But still. The stuff I love about my job. 

Ooh! And I am getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow. Ideas welcome. In all likelihood, I will go with the same thing I’ve been getting for the past six months. But if you have any particularly inspired suggestions, I might be game.

I’ve been wanting to wear this top for awhile, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. It’s very Bollywood, and I am very hesitant about ethnic items because well… I am very white. While I am very in awe of, and inspired by the garments of other cultures, I think it’s terribly tacky when people subvert them by turning them into bad fashion. I am looking at you, Gwen Stefani.

I think the key ended up being simplicity. I incorporated the top with other items of every day wear.  Stuck to minimal accessories and let the detailing speak for itself. I bought the purple tee underneath a few weeks ago. It too, I’ve been itching to wear. The color is practically edible, although I’m sorry to say it didn’t show up very well. That will teach me to take pictures in the shade.

Oh, and someone asked again but I forgot to answer: Items tagged Work are from the clothing store where I work. It’s a secret. Well not really, but you know what I mean. It is the internet after all.

Top – Thrifted ($1!)
Pants – Work
Purple Tee – Max Rave
Earrings – Work
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of M.I.A. – “Come Around”