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Well hello and happy Friday! I never know how to start off posts. Everything sounds so cheesy. Hello and happy Friday? Lame.

Total grey and gross day here. Where did my sunshine go? I rolled out of bed early because I had an early hair appointment. As predicted, I went super boring and samesies on the hair. Sorry. Also, my advice for the day is: don’t schedule hair appointments super early in the morning. I do this every time and then I end up half asleep in the chair at the salon. I need someone to wash my hair like that every night before bed. Add it to my entourage wish list.

Uh oh. Pattern mixing. Next thing you know I’ll be wearing earrings the same shape as my face. Hanging out in karaoke bars. Engaging in high-speed chases. All that risky behavior.

To be honest, I never thought this top would make an appearance on the blog. It was one of those things that I bought, wore maybe twice, and then it hung in my closet looking forlorn. Occasionally, I’d look at it with disdain and think, why did I buy you? The grey and brown is an odd combo, for sure.

Then I bought this skirt, and was thinking about what colors and would tie in with it. I was noticing that the skirt has both greys and browns in the floral print and noted again, how odd the combo. So then I thought – Hey I know you, I know where I’ve seen this before. It’s like that ugly striped sweater! So hey, why not. It’s Friday. No one’s reading. I’ll be changing into my play costume in a couple of hours. Let’s get freaky.

Sweater – 5.7.9
Belt – Stolen off a skirt
Skirt – Max Rave
Brown Tights – Wet Seal
Necklace – The Icing
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”