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And so the weekend draws to a close. For me at least. Sundays always feel like Monday to me. It was good while it lasted, though.

A heads up to fellow thrifty ladies (and gents?), I popped in a couple thrift stores today and they all seemed to be having 50% off sales, storewide. I was merely stopping by Arc to see if they still had a pair of shoes I’d been eyeing (they didn’t). I then ended up stalking a girl for about a half hour because she snatched up a cute dress right in front of me and I kept hoping she’d put it down. She never did, and I realized how ridiculous it was, so I gave up. Goodwill was a hot mess, just insanely crowded. But I’m sure it might be worth braving the crowds if your local store is doing the same. They were putting out merchandise left and right but I just couldn’t handle it,  so I left. I rarely do my shopping on Saturdays with the rest of the masses. I work and then I run home and hide. Having days off mid-week is actually a perfect fit to my agoraphobia.

Bare legs today! It was warm out. I went for it.

I really like this outfit. Simple, dressy, black and white. I am most at home in these colors. But actually, it’s not quite stark white and black. What I really like about this print is that it’s more ivory and black. Nice for pairing with smoky jewelry and pearls.

I rescued this dress from that garish hell known as the clearance racks at Kohl’s. It was marked down to $4 at Christmastime, I assume, because it was missing its original belt. It hung there looking exposed and out of place amidst items from Avril Lavigne’s failed clothing line. (No one saw that coming, right?) But I knew I could do a lot of things with this dress. She’s a sharp little number. To me, the missing belt was just an added bonus.  The large belt loops accommodate a number of belts in my collection including this odd cream-colored one.

So this is day 65 of the project. Three hundred to go, and another good day around the way. The husband and I are eating salads and listening to a Lil Wayne compilation. My kind of night.

Dress – Kohl’s (Candie’s)
Cardigan – Target
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted
Necklaces – Wet Seal and Work

Title courtesy of Gnarls Barkley – “Go-Go Gadget Gospel”