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What up guys? How was your Monday? Was it as awesome as mine? Did you dress up in strangely fabulous clothes? Eat pancakes for lunch or spend the entire day thrift shopping with your mom? Okay, I probably shouldn’t be a braggart, but I consider it trade off whenever I hear about everyone’s fun weekend after mine was spent working.

So as you may have gathered, today was another thriftstravaganza. It’s becoming sort of a monthly tradition for the mom and I and I love it. Our trip today yielded a pretty incredible haul and was just what I needed. Not only did it help to revive me from my style coma rut, but it was also time well-spent in thought. It was the greyest of days, which often puts me in pensive moods. Riding around in the car in unfamiliar places, sifting through the racks, taking inventory, gave me time to conduct some much needed mental Feng Shui. I have some new ideas for the blog, for my wardrobe, for my own personal style. You know. Heavy stuff.

In a rare turn of events, I had the mom snap my outfit pictures for the day. In public no less. It was relatively painless, save for the random passerby who was all, MOTHER AND DAUGHTER! I CAN TELL! WHAT’S GOING ON?!?! Um. Nothing, lady. Move along. In an ideal world, I’d love to have all of my friends who are talented with a camera play photog for a day. So far I haven’t done this. Mostly because I’m so particular about how I look in pictures, that I’d probably end up torturing the poor souls with daylong photo shoots. I can make new friends, but I’ve only got one Ma. Luckily, we got a few good ones and moved along before more inquiring minds came along.

Fastest turnaround to date I think, on this belt. No sooner did I find it at one of the shops and purchase it, did I decide to wear it. Random Jenny Fact!: Elephants are my favorite animal. So pretty much, I had to have this. As it happened, Babar: The Belt was a nice addition.

How to explain today’s outfit? Admittedly, it’s  a bit costumey and dramatic, even for me. I guess I was feeling brave. The dress was from our last thrift trip. It’s extremely comfortable and therefore easy to slip on and off in fitting rooms. I love the drop waist and flapperesque hemline. Which is how the headband also came to pass. Random Jenny Fact!: I had a 1920s inspired wedding reception. I love all things 1920s, although I can’t say I ever aspired to dress like this on the street. To be fair, I left my peacock feathers and my hip flask at home.

Still, I found my temporary joie de vivre enjoyable for the day. I traipsed around like a modern-day Zelda Fitzgerald. Came home pleasantly exhausted and squeezed in a yoga class. All that’s left to do is put away all of today’s goodies.  

Now that’s a day you can hang your hat on. Or sequin-emblazoned headband, as it were.

Dress – Thrifted
Flyaway Cardigan – Work
Shoes – Payless
Belt – Thrifted
Headband – Work

Title courtesy of Cole Porter – “Anything Goes”